Edition of 50 copies, signed and numbered.

50x70 cm
Giclée Print
100% cotton fine art paper

Hidden gift, unconscious creations.

As a big size mural artist, I’m stuck in an endless loop of trying to find solutions to bigger challenges. Most of the time, I’m not facing flat walls or canvases, so I decide to work with anamorphic designs for a “menage a troi” between the architecture, the human eye, and the painting. That conditions the artwork’s meaning to only be understood from one point of view.

Developing such a huge piece from one point, unconsciously creates many small abstract pieces. These are what I call “hidden gifts” and I will introduce them to you here. Three prints based on the shapes I wasn’t looking for, three designs that were not made by design, and three pieces I did not find, but that found me.

Iker Muro